Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flat Travels to California

Kylin, Jade, Paper Dolls, Flat Pinky and Flat Tanya, at Fremont Central Park

Cousins Janet and Neil, in Burlingame, CA, with Flat Pinky and Flat Tanya

We have had a wonderful trip to California so far. It began with the Oregon Country Fair (you can see photos on our blog here), after which we drove in our Eurovan down to Northern California. Everyone did amazingly well on the car ride down, we listened to books on tape, sang songs, played car games, colored, played with playdough, ate snacks, and the babies nursed a lot... after 10 hours from Grants Pass to Oakland, we made it!! :)
We had a wonderful time in Oakland, the Flats got to meet several new babies, a cat, some water turtles, and even got to experience an earthquake on our last night there that registered 4.2!!!
We are now enjoying time with Grandparents in Cool, CA. The Flats have met 2 new doggies, Doja and Doobie, and are taking lots of walks and enjoying nature.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome, Flat Tonya!

Kiran with Flat Tonya

We received our second flat traveler yesterday, all the way from Wells River, Vermont. Hannah Anne, who's 5, made Flat Tonya. Kylin is SO excited to be hosting a flat from another 5 year old. :) We look forward to sharing the Oregon Country Fair with Flat Tonya.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Welcome, Pinky!!!

Pinky is visiting us from the Gibbs family of Olds, Iowa. Andrea, Kiley, Sydney, and Zach are studying the age of exploration, the finding and founding of America, and western expansion. As a project, they have created 50 flat travelers and sent them out to a homeschooling family in each of the 50 states. They will gather information about each state from the host families, and put all of the information together in a scrapbook. We are excited to get to share Oregon with Pinky and the Gibbs'.
Kylin, SO excited to receive Flat Pinky
Kaden, Breana, Kylin, Pinky, Rich, and Kiran
Kiran with Flat Pinky